Underrated travel destinations in Europe

Europe is the most popular tourism destination for both European and intercontinental travelers. But Paris, Rome, London – all of these places are already familiar to us. If not already visited, they are high on the bucket list… So, what about something unique, extraordinary and special? What about underrated travel destinations that not everyone may know? In this article, we’ll share 5 of them!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is now best-known for starring as King’s Landing in the hit TV show “Game of Thrones”. However, the HBO’s TV series wasn’t the first time someone admired the interesting coastal town. Found back in the times of Greek and Roman antiquity, Dubrovnik played a major role as a port and trade centre for Italian merchants. Later on it became a Croat marvel and whilst relatively not very well known, it’s certainly a place that you shouldn’t miss.


Malta is often mistakenly labelled as Italian while being an independent state with a unique language and having more English speakers rather than Italians. However, due to the close proximity, a lot of aspects of culture have meshed, meaning that Maltese towns look like Italian towns.

But Malta is anything but Italy. It has enough historical landmarks, beautiful grottos and is well known amongst diving enthusiasts. Thanks to services like carpooling, getting around Malta is relatively simple so you can see everything it has to offer!

Vilnius, Lithuania

Recently advertised as the “G spot” of Europe, Lithuanian capital Vilnius is actually close to the very centre of the European continent. The prize jewel of this city is its unique Old Town that houses architecture from the late 17th century. Influenced by German, French, Italian, Polish and Russian architectural styles, Vilnius offers a blend of cool landmarks and unique cultural attractions. Make sure to visit!

Prague, Czechia

Prague is well known amongst tourists but it gets overshadowed by the likes of Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna even, while it can definitely stand its ground. Once capital of the Duchy of Bohemia, this quintessentially one-of-a-kind metropolis has an Old Town that’s full of buildings from the 12th century on. If you love Medieval European history and lovely panoramas from hilltops – don’t miss Prague!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Often overlooked, Budapest has everything you might expect from a top-tier European capital. There are majestic buildings, amazing vistas and panoramas, delicious delicatessen and pastries and much more. Budapest is full of culture and heritage and doesn’t want to be missed!