Everything You Should Know About Different Types of Limousine in Vancouver


It is vital to remember that limos are perfect options you can choose for a wide array of options. 

It does not matter whether you need a driver from the airport to a corporate event or party because choosing it is a luxurious option that will provide additional enjoyment.

Choosing limos with professional drivers means you will get an additional amenity to ensure convenience, privacy, and comfort, among other things.

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They are the perfect and preferred vehicle option for wedding attendances, traveling from or to the airport, and going to a corporate event or business meetings.

Therefore, if you wish to find a perfect limo ride, you should determine the best vehicle to provide you with an ideal opportunity to present yourself.

You can find a wide array of airport providers, but the first thing you should do is find the best limo vehicle type based on your needs and preferences.

Different Limousine Types

  • Sedan – If you wish to get a fabulous and compact option that can accommodate up to four passengers, you should choose sedan limos. It is the most affordable option available for traveling and business purposes. Generally, business and corporate travelers choose it for airport rides or events. You can make a positive impact and impression on others such as clients by traveling in this car. At the same time, it is a perfect alternative to a taxi ride because you will reach your destination in the style and comfort you wanted in the first place.

  • SUV – If you wish to enjoy a family vacation or business with friends around the countryside, the SUV limousine is the best option for your requirements. Generally, you will get a vehicle more significant than a sedan that comes with a multimedia area, a fully-equipped bar with prominent audio and TV systems, and a long trunk that can fit kid strollers and fit bags. You can use it for comfortable events with people you enjoy hanging with. The main idea is to travel in comfort while sipping a glass of champagne while reaching the venue you wanted in the first place.

  • Limo Bus – A party or limo bus will offer you much more than the regular stretch you watch on movies. Instead, you will get accommodation that can feature more than thirty passengers. It is the most prominent option you can find on the market. They come with strobes, leisure sofas, restrooms, fully-equipped bars, poles, drinking zones, lights, and disco floors. You will get a perfect transportation option for having a party on wheels while visiting different pubs and cruising around town. It is a popular option for birthday parties and bachelorette events. 

  • Stretch – Similarly, as the name suggests, with KJ Limousine Services, you will get the prominent option most people are thinking of while searching for the best limousine service. It is a form of a stretched sedan, which will offer you seats for more than four people inside. Generally, the arrangements inside are on the rear and sides, depending on numerous factors. You will also get additional LED, champagne, bards, audio-visual systems, lights, and many more. It comes with a window that separates the driver or chauffeur from passengers. Therefore, you can control it by pressing a button. As a result, you will achieve a proper level of privacy, perfect for dates, proms, and wedding events. 

  • Hummer – The best way to enjoy a rugged appearance with plenty of space is by using a hummer limousine for additional enjoyment. It is an effective way to accommodate a vast capacity, but not as the bus mentioned above. Generally, it features a wide array of characteristics such as video game slots, casinos, television, audio sets, and many more. Since it comes with a great appearance, it is common among people to play poker before they reach the venue. You can also use it for bachelorette parties, but you will get attention, which is essential to remember.

  • The Convertible – It is a regular limousine, which is like any option mentioned above. However, it features an open roof, which is perfect for summer days and nights. Depending on your needs and enjoyment, you can control the top using a remote system by moving it outward or inward. Apart from convertible roofs, you will get additional features such as an entertainment section, bars, and many more. You will get a chance to drive plenty of people, which makes it perfect for prom nights, birthdays, and weddings, as well as other special events. However, it is not suitable for cold days and nights, which is a vital consideration to remember.

  • Lincoln – If your main goal is to achieve the perfect definition of luxury, comfort, style, and elegance, you should choose this option. It became prevalent decades ago, and it is still one of the most preferred options by customers for numerous events, including leisure and business. Even though it is an old model, most of them feature the latest technology, entertainment section, bars, comfortable seating space, controlled temperature system, navigation controller, and many more. Besides, it features numerous safety measures, which is the essential aspect of each Lincoln model you can find on the market. Its incredible comfort and elegance make it the perfect solution for business trips, birthdays, parties, and weddings. 

  • Classic Vintage – Finally, if you enjoy old-school vintage cars, we recommend you choose a traditional vintage option for your enjoyment. It comes in various options, but it is mainly a sedan to place up to four passengers. However, it features high comfort levels and leg space, which will provide you with enjoyment. You can find it in various colors, including white, pink, or dual options depending on your preferences and needs.

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Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, you can find a wide array of options available while searching for a professional limo service.

Everything depends on where you wish to go and whether you are using it for business or pleasure. 

Still, you should conduct comprehensive research before you make up your mind. It is as simple as that.