Escape the Noise and Stress of the City Life – Visit Isle of Wight


Have you ever wanted to escape the regular city life with all its accompanying noise and stress? There are quite a number of places you can go to for relaxation. However, if you’re looking for a whole new experience, consider visiting the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight is a large island and also a country. A visit to this massive island will ensure you enjoy every aspect of your holiday.

The island and country lies in the English Channel, off the coast of Hampshire. Because of its friendly climate, the island has become the major magnet for visitors from different countries.

Among the unique features of the island are many holiday locations that are alive with activities. Taking children along on your vacation to Isle of Wight is also fun. The island has a lot of activities to engage your children throughout your stay. There is never a dull moment when you visit the island.

Some of the fun things you can do at the island

Stroll the coastal footpath and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Among other factors, the beautiful coast line is what draws many visitors to the island every year. There are two major ways to enjoy the view which are off shore on a boat ride or on shore at one of the beautiful beaches along the coast line. It is a Haven of comfort and total relaxation.

For lovers of adventure, the coastal foot path is suitable for your island adventure. However, walk along the cliffs with caution! Avoid strolling to close to prevent an accidental fall.

Enjoy the Isle of Wight festival

The beginning of the summer is always a good time to visit the Isle. It will grant you the opportunity to be in time for the special Isle of Wight festival showcasing a variety of music and other fun activities. It will also give you the opportunity to taste some of the Island’s best delicacies.

Take a tour on the hovercraft and arrive in grand style

For those who love to travel in style and make a good first impression, taking a hover tour is one activity you will love to do with your family. Many visitors love the hovercraft experience, you will definitely love it too.

Visit the zoo or go to the sanctuary

If you are a lover of animals, the zoo or the sanctuary will be your best place to start your tour. You will have the opportunity to see many animals including lions, snakes and monkeys. There are a lot of animals to watch with the kids.

Take a walk to Shanklin Chine and have a first-hand experience of this rare place

Visitors who spend the time in Shanklin Chine are always left with these two words—amazing and beautiful. There are a lot of luxurious plants to behold in this place. At night, the place illumes with colors and the only thing that comes in mind is a fairy-tale land.

Visit the Isle of Wight as your next travel location and don’t miss out on the Chine when you visit. You will love the experience.