Keeping Students Safe During a Study Trip

Safety is always an issue in organising student trips. You want to make them happen but you fear that something could go wrong. The good thing is that with proper planning and by following the right steps, safety won’t be an issue anymore. Here are some tips to take note of.

Consent form

This form should be filled out by parents. This lets you know that they agree that their children are going on a trip. When the trip involves younger students, obviously, teachers and assistants should be there. However, for older students, they might travel on their own or with their friends. Those who have signed the consent forms must not have an objection to it. The form might also include other details like allergies, special requests and illnesses.

Divide the group

When the group is too big, it should be divided. It is important that students are in smaller groups to make it easier to control them. Assign student buddies if possible so that both of them can look after each other. Group monitors should also be assigned to help out in monitoring the group.

Let everyone know what will happen

Even before the trip, everyone must have an idea of what exactly is going to happen. For instance, if you are visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, you have to tell them where it is located, how to move around the area and an idea of what to expect. You should also let them know where everyone is staying and how far it is from key places. The items needed for the trip must also be announced so they won’t have problems upon arrival.

First aid kits must be available

It is important to have first aid kits ready. Anything can go wrong during the trip. Sometimes, students tend to be too adventurous and they could end up injuring themselves. It helps a lot to have first aid kits right away to attend to their needs.

Asking for help

Everyone should be informed about what needs to be done in case they get lost. There must be a meeting point. If you have rented a bus for everyone, they must know where it is parked so they can head back there. The students must also have the contact number of key people in the team. You may even set up a group chat to make it easier to contact everyone.

These are just some tips to keep everyone safe during a studierejser or study trip. Just make sure that it is still a fun experience. There is nothing wrong with ensuring safety but don’t take the fun out of the moment along with the possible learning opportunities just because you want people to be safe.