Tel Aviv Hotel Accommodation Tips and Advice

Tel Aviv is a tourist destination so you can expect to find a lot of hotels in the city. Travelers who are on a strict budget can stay at the hostel and dormitory. If you want to stay at a luxury hotel, you have two choices including boutique hotel or big hotel near the beach. The mega hotels are the hotels that form the skyline of the beaches in Tel Aviv.

Boutique hotels have high standards just like the major hotels near to the beach. They can be found throughout the city of Tel Aviv and they are available at a much cheaper price compared to the major hotels. They are suitable for people who have come to Tel Aviv on a holiday vacation or those who are on a business trip.

You can connect to the internet in your room and the internet speed is fast. The WiFi is provided for free so you don’t have to pay for extra charges to use internet in your room. There are a number of boutique hotels that will borrow you bicycles for free. Since Tel Aviv is a small city, you can easily explore the entire city on your bike.

The rooms at the boutique hotel may be smaller but they are renovated with modern design. Most also offer rooms with balconies for a small extra fee compared to the standard rooms that are without balcony. The breakfast at the Tel Aviv luxury hotel do not have as much variety as the mega hotel but the food quality is always excellent.

Hotels that are situated near to the beach will usually provide free towels that you can use at the beach. Because the beach is very near, you can always go back to the hotel to take a shower after a swim in the sea. Boutique hotels usually don’t have swimming pools but there is no need for one since they are located close to the beach. breakfast buffet at the mega hotels but they are tasty and fulfilling.

You can find hotels in the north, central and south regions of Tel Aviv. The hotels in the north region offers a more relaxing atmosphere and they are near to amenities such as Yarkon park, and Tel Aviv Port. They are also situated near to the beaches such as Metzizim. There is no need to take any public transportation since you can arrive at your attractions in walking distance.

The hotels in the central region are situated near to many beaches. They are also within proximity to famous streets such as the Rothchild as well as the Dizengoff shopping area. You can also easily visit Jaffa if you are staying in the central region. Hotels in the city center are not very close to the beach but they are easy to reach within a 500 meters distance.

Many of the big chain luxury hotels in Tel Aviv are situated in the south region. You can find brand name chain hotels such as Dan Panorama here. The south part of Tel Aviv is near to Jaffa and Florentin neighborhood. Jaffa is famous for its port. There are also a lot of art museums in Jaffa. You can get a good view over the city of Tel Aviv from Jaffa.