Turkey – A Country of Two-Continents

Turkey is a well-developed country and it is famous for its historical places, wonderful resorts, and the splendor Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is a popular country among tourists because of its rich culture and natural beauty. There the tourists can find not only big shopping malls, spas, but also wonderful beaches. The country is surrounded by giant mountains. Here, you can find a variety of delicious food at affordable prices. People come here to relax and enjoy from around the world. This country also has beautiful landscapes including big woodlands. Moreover, you can visit many historical places to make your tour more excited.


The main religion of this country is Islam. The people are very courteous and kind. This country has a diverse population including Turks and Kurds. The population of this country is more than 83 million. There is a conflict going on between Turks and Kurds. That is why people hesitate to come here to visit because of security reasons.However, now things are getting better between the two groups. In the past few years, the tourism industry in Turkey has seen positive developments. The people come here to see the beauty of this wonderland.Plan your tour to Turkey with SnirHananya. We make customized tour plans according to your preference.


Main attractions for tourists

The famous cities of turkey are Ankara and Istanbul. Istanbul is the city that connects the two parts of Turkey called the Asian and the European parts. Many cities are utilized as ports that promote trading. There are many wonderful places to see in that beautiful city. You can travel through a bus called Hop-off and it has fifteen stops. You can enjoy the fascinating architecture of Byzantine and Ottoman. The Blue Mosque is famous for its six minarets. Moreover, the old city is filled with enjoyable activities.Here the kids will love the Miniaturk shows. The important thing is that you can hire a tour guide at a very affordable rate. This guide will help you to visit all the main attractions of Istanbul city.


Places to explore in Turkey

You will enjoy the tour ofthe Hippodrome which was used as a sports ground in the past. The palaces of the Ottoman Empire are worth seeing. You can also visit the big Bazar, here the local vendors sell different kinds of things at affordable prices. The best thing about the Bazar is that you can find up to three thousand shops to purchase things. You can buy ceramic products, leather goods, and many more items of your choice. These things are of good quality and at the best prices. Moreover, you can enjoy the Sufi dance which is so relaxing. This country has a rich culture and ancient architecture. The old buildings are a masterpiece of glorious art.


The Bosporus cruise

You should not miss the exotic ride of the Bosphorus cruise. This is the adventurous activity that you will enjoy the most. On this cruise, you will be welcomed with a special fruit cocktail. You will enjoy the ride on the black sea, this sea is between the border of Europe and Asia. Furthermore, you will not only get a chance to see the wonderful castles and palaces but you will also be amused by the traditional dances of the local performers. Hence, this trip is going to be full of adventure and fun. So be the first to book your Culture and Tourism trip with SnirHananya. We are here to customize the tour according to your choice.


The Beautiful Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a wonderful rock valley with a wide range of mountains. The photographers love to visit this place because of its natural beauty. People love to capture wonderful sceneries. You can plan to do hiking here. This is certainly a place for adventurous people. You can do other activities here, for instance, you can enjoy the ride of a hot air balloon. Moreover, you can also find many caves and landscapes. You can relax here and can enjoy the fresh air and the freshness of lush green trees.