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What Is The Best VPN For Singapore?

Although Singapore is recognized as one of the countries that advocates for and protects net neutrality, there are various internet censorship concerns. For instance, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) doesn’t institute a ban on the throttling of bandwidth and ISPs are known to implement deep packet inspection. These are some of the reasons why using a VPN is vital in Singapore. Even so, there are thousands of VPN services to choose from and most are not up to par. This article provides a detailed list of the best VPN for Singapore.


When choosing a VPN, you have to consider the level of security offered, the number of available servers, the speed and a number of other factors. Based on these considerations, you’ll find that ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to use in Singapore. It offers over 1500 servers in 148 server locations across 94 countries and with a comprehensive speed test, you can figure out which is the best to connect to. When it comes to security and privacy, ExpressVPN is very thorough and this is what makes it the best VPN for Singapore. The service offers you 5 different network encryption protocols to choose from, including UDP – OpenVPN, TCP – OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP – IPSec, and SSTP. Additionally, the network lock feature acts as a kill switch to prevent any DNS leaks in the event of network failure. Connectivity is instantaneous and operation is very simple, aside from the fact that the app is very stable. Support is also very efficient and available 24/7. ExpressVPN allows you to connect to three simultaneous devices and supports over 7 platforms, including routers, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, browsers, etc. You can choose from three different pricing plans at $ 12.95 a month for the monthly plan, $ 9.99 a month for the 6-month plan and $ 8.32 a month for the 12-month plan.


NordVPN is also a very high-performance VPN and based on the criteria, makes the cut as one of the best VPN services for Singapore. The service offers over 1000 servers in 67 server locations across 57 countries. One of the best selling points for NordVPN is the double VPN feature, which routes your network traffic through another VPN server for double encryption. NordVPN also provides AdBlock and malicious site filtering features. The service also includes a network lock feature. However, the feature doesn’t lock out all your network traffic at once and you have to set the lock for each application. NordVPN allows 6 simultaneous connections, 5 encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP – IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2 and PPTP. The service supports over 5 platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, browsers, etc. You can choose from three different pricing plans at $ 11.95 a month for the monthly plan, $ 5.75 a month for the annual plan and $ 3.29 a month for the bi-annual plan.


PureVPN is an excellent VPN for Singapore with over 750 servers in 180 locations across over 140 countries. PureVPN offers some of the most comprehensive features, including an integrated Antivirus and Anti Malware, intrusion detection and protection, AdBlock, URL and app filtering, among others. The application allows for 5 simultaneous connections and provides multiple encryption protocols, including OpenVPN, LT2P – IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and IKEv2. The app supports over 5 platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, routers, browsers, etc. PureVPN offers a wide range of features and very comprehensive security and privacy features. You can choose from three different pricing plans, including $ 9.95 a month for the monthly plan, $ 7.95 a month for the 6-month plan and $2.45 a month for the bi-annual plan.

Flight Halt Over at Singapore Airport? Know about Transit Visa First!

Singapore serves as a halt station for some of the major international routes beginning from India routed to the USA or Europe and vice-versa. Indians can stay in Singapore and see around the country if they use Transit Visa. This article gives insights into Transit visa, the process to get it and information about its validity.

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist hubs in Asia and incidentally also one of the most common halt junctions for maximum airlines flying between India and other international locations such as USA, Europe, China and many such locations. These make Singapore one of the most popular transit destinations.

A number of airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and many others, halt at Singapore for varying number of hours. This gives you the opportunity to explore the country while you wait for your next flight. With a transit visa, you can get out of the airport for up to 96 hours before you take a connecting flight to your destination. Let’s find out how you can take advantage of this to make two vacations at the cost of one.

  1. What is Transit Visa?  

This is a temporary visa that you may use during your intermediate stopover on an international flight. This essentially means that if you have sufficient time before your connecting flight takes off; you can use your Transit visa and see around the city without having the real Visa for that country. This is typically used by travellers while travelling back to India from China, Malaysia, USA, and other locations. If you are travelling through Singapore with a valid visa from few countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia and few more, you can also get Visa Free Transit Facility or VFTF. However, the visa should be valid for one month or more from the date of entry into Singapore. In this, you do not have to apply for any visa.

  1. How to get Transit Visa?

You need to log on to Visa Online site and fill the online visa application form.  After filling the form, you will get an appointment scheduled in the nearest embassy. You will have to carry a copy of the form and other required documents to the embassy, to begin your Transit Visa process.

  1. What are the required documents?

The documents required for Transit Visa are your original passport (and a photocopy of the same), photographs (passport-size), a copy of online application form, visa and air ticket for the destination. So, say if you’re travelling on San Francisco Singapore Mumbai route, then you carry valid visa for the USA, air tickets for both halts – Singapore and USA, and your Indian nationality passport.

  1. What is the Validity of Transit Visa?

There are a couple of points to be considered regarding the validity of the Transit Visa. Firstly, it is valid only for 15 days from the date of issue. Second, the duration of stay made differs according to the type of visa used for transit. If you are using VFTF facility, you need to exit the country within 96 hours.

The next time when you are coming back from your trip to Australia, USA or Europe, make sure you also check the time your flight is halting in Singapore to ensure you get the maximum out of your Transit Visa.  And with hundreds of Singapore to Mumbai flights, or Singapore to Delhi flights, you can also change your carrier and take advantage of the low cost airlines. Now that you have got the all the pivotal insights to Transit Visa, you can sit back, relax and plan your Singapore itinerary.  Happy Sightseeing!

Singapore Visa Denial – Possible Reasons

Yes, getting a visa sanctioned is not an easy job. Everyone who applies for a visa would have a question of getting approval. This is quite natural. When it comes to the Lion City, the first process is to check whether you actually need a visa to travel. Why I say this is because the people who belong to the United States, United Arab nations, or European countries don’t actually need a visa to travel. You will get an approval once you reach the destination. But, the people from other countries would one before traveling itself. As such, the people would fall into two different levels as 1 and 2, and the requirements would differ between them.

So, are you worried about your visa denial? What could be the possible reason for denial?

Our company’s One Visa http://www.one-visa.com expert team performed some research and charted down the possible reasons for denial here. However, these are only the probable reasons and the final decision would lie on the ‘ICA’ department only. Furthermore, most of the times, you will not be informed about the reason for denial. Therefore, I believe that giving you the probable reasons would save you from rejections. Keep reading…

History of Visit is Important:

You might be asking me that you have got the visa for your previous visit and why should it be denied the second time. When this is the case, I will ask you to think what you did incorrectly during your first visit. An illegal activity during your first visit will put you in trouble. This not only applies to the first and second visits but also for ‘n’ number of visits.

Another major reason for denial will be your prolonged stay during your past visits. If you had stayed in the country after the validity of your visa, you will be blocked from approvals.

The Validity of Existing Visa:

If you are holding an existing visa, then you will be denied for another. This would happen for the people whose existing visa period is not over and they are applying for another. Such people would need to wait until the existing visa’s validity is completed.

Recent Denials:

Your application will be refused if you have received some denials in the recent past. Some people tend to re-apply soon after getting a denial. In such cases, the probability of denials will be higher. The best thing can be done is to wait for quite some time and apply for one again. This timeframe can be informed to you by the visa agents.

Double Hits:

Any double hits will be rejected. One should not apply one more than once at a time. Some people tend to apply twice for getting the approval quickly. But, this will affect your current, as well as future applications.

Thus, one can avoid denial by following the right procedures although the final decision is not in our hands. Make sure that the documents are true and the photos are clear for a successful application. If you aren’t sure about the process, be sure to get help from the agents.