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Four Reasons to Choose Dubai as Your Next Scuba Diving Destination


You cannot call yourself a scuba diving enthusiast if you haven’t experience the beauty of Dubai underwater world. Scuba diving Dubai is something you really should try at least once before you die. Scuba diving is basically the same anywhere you do it. But in Dubai, you can experience an adventure that you cannot get in other diving locations. These are some reasons why scuba diving in this beautiful city will never disappoint you.

The Best Place to Enjoy Summer

Dubai is one of the best places in the world to enjoy summer. Sunbathing while looking at the exquisite blue sky is one of the most interesting things you will witness in this city. Dubai in the summer might be scorching hot, but it can be a great escape from your routine if you live in cold climate area. Furthermore, the hot weather can be another reason to enjoy a nice day under the water to cool yourself. Besides scuba diving, there are plenty of other water activities that you can also enjoy here.

Great Diving Destination

There is one reason why so many professional scuba divers keep coming back to Dubai. It is because this exquisite city has so many remarkable diving locations. Each and every one of them is maintained properly and has their own unique characteristics.

Furthermore, Dubai also has great diving locations for both beginner and professionals. So, whether it is your first time diving or you are a veteran that can’t get enough of Dubai’s marine life, you will definitely find a place that you will like. Scuba diving Dubai rates are usually higher compared to other countries, but everything is worth it with the joyful experience you will get.

Gorgeous Marine Life

The beauty of the city of Dubai might blow your mind but the attractiveness of its underwater life will get your jaw drop. The best part of scuba diving is you can see the beautiful marine life directly with your eyes and even witness the sea creatures swim right beside you. From the most unique turtles to fishes with the brightest colors, Dubai underwater will serve you all those gorgeous views. The marine life in one diving location also might differ with the others. So, if you want to pamper your eyes with so many pretty things while you are diving, make sure you make time to visit those locations.

Excellent Diving Lessons

As a popular destination to go diving, it is no wonder that Dubai is the place with one of the best diving schools in the world. So, if you want to be taught diving by experienced instructor, it is another reason to visit Dubai this year.

Diving might seem very scary. But truthfully, you don’t have anything to worry about as long as you learn with a professional instructor by your side. You also will be equipped with the best diving gears so you can dive safely, and even make it into your new hobby. There are various classes and once you have mastered the art of diving, you can explore Dubai’s underwater world freely by yourself.

Best times to rent a Yacht in Dubai Marina

There are times that are so special that you want to celebrate them in a unique way. Those times, when celebrated in a new manner become evergreen memories of your life. It is not the moment that becomes a memory, it the way of celebration that makes the moment a timeless memory. You can go out for dinner with your family in those times or you can enjoy it alone or celebrate in a grand style. No matter what you do, you have to make sure that you spend some quality time with your family or the ones you love the most. If you are in Dubai, you should rent a yacht in Dubai Marina.

Some best times to rent a yacht in Dubai Marina are:

  • Children’s Birthdays
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Wedding Proposals
  • Children’s Exam Results
  • After Wedding Parties
  • Celebration of Promotion
  • Other Reasons

Besides these times, there can be other times when you would want to spend in complete loneliness with your loved ones. For that reason, you can rent a yacht in Dubai Marina.

Why Rent a Yacht in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the coolest places on Earth. It is the largest man-made marina with a 17-kilometer walk. Renting a yacht in Dubai Marina will give you an opportunity to look at Dubai Marina from a very different dimension. You can have a look at the beautiful sky full of stars while cool breeze is blowing. The beautiful lights at the yacht will make you fell in love with the site and you can also make tons of lovely memories. When you reach the mid of the sea, you will see some of the breathtaking views of your life.

Why Choose Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina

Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina is one of the best rental providers of yachts in Dubai. You can rent a yacht at very affordable prices while enjoying the time with your family members. If you want to know more about their services and prices, you can visit http://www.dubaidhowcruisemarina.com. You can also contact them and talk to their friendly staff and they will guide you further. Being in Dubai and not taking the yacht tours is just like not being to Dubai at all.

Enjoy the time on the Yacht and celebrate your best moments in the best way.

See the actual New Supremacy associated with Dubai

See the actual New Supremacy associated with DubaiUsing its iconic new works of art, the town associated with Dubai radiates the actual determination as well as enthusiasm from the Emiratis not to just succeed, however in order to stand out. The town teems along with numerous awe-inspiring, man-made buildings that much surpass the actual creative abilities on most beholders. A large number of vacationers guide plane tickets in order to among the “safest metropolitan areas within the world” in order to see a few of the marvelous edifices associated with today’s world.

The actual Burj Khalifa Pending more than Down-town Dubai, the actual Burj Khalifa mocks the actual loftiness associated with it’s encircling skyscrapers. The actual leaping height from the monument and it is luxurious prominence in no way quit in order to impress as well as interest vistors. Site visitors disembarking their own plane tickets within Dubai in many cases are eager to determine the end result from the concept, the actual beginning as well as finality which resulted in the actual “tallest man-made framework within the world”. The actual Burj Khalifa additionally homes a few record-breaking locations such as the “highest outside declaration outdoor patio within the world”, “the greatest cafe within the world” and also the luxurious as well as fashionable Armani Resort. The actual Burj Ing Arab-speaking Strategically added to a good synthetic isle in a handy range in the Jumeirah Seaside, the actual Burj Ing Arab-speaking requires the actual food business in order to it’s zenith. This particular 7-star resort within Dubai, full of the actual splashes associated with luxurious as well as prosperity, is really a sought after characteristic from the town. The initial monument, made to seem like the charter boat having a huge mast, draws in the actual extravagant associated with local people as well as visitor as well. The actual resort is usually visited through the elites from the globe that guide atmosphere seats in order to Dubai in order to bask within the beauty from the flawless food as well as inimitable indulgences from the Burj Ing Arab-speaking.

Hand Island destinations Made to lure everyone, the actual Hand Island destinations gets a lot more than it’s reasonable reveal associated with adulation to be the actual “largest man-made islands within the world”. The actual culmination associated with extraordinary development, superb preparing as well as praise-worthy architectural strategies led to this particular genuinely wonderful appeal associated with Dubai. Vacationers can’t assist however appreciate the actual pure splendour from the Hand Island destinations, the framework that is additionally noticeable in the celestial satellite. The hawaiian islands support numerous world-class industrial qualities, such as resorts, hotels as well as buying processes plus some luxurious home types as well.

The planet Island destinations The town associated with Dubai is actually graced through the marvelous islands known as “The World” that is another man-made development within the form of the planet chart. The actual new achievements associated with Dubai come to life in most it’s components as you reaches visit a vision that was apparently unfathomable till it had been put in place. The planet enthrals everyone as well as a remarkable quantity of vacationers arrived at Dubai in order to wonder from probably the most distinctive masterpieces associated with humanity. The actual thriving town associated with Dubai, using its manifestations associated with contemporary structures, genuinely warrants to become about the itineraries associated with globetrotters.