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Enchanting villas of Bali

Whether on a simple leisure retreat or a romantic getaway the villa experience is the epitome of luxury. Waking up to, a view of the ocean in your private luxury villa is the epitome of a splendid vacation however; if it is five star then you know it does not get any better. The view of an encroaching dawn or the magical sunset right above the ocean surface is a remarkable sight. A private pool and spacious exteriors offer irrefutable appeal to villas on this island. Bali Island’s villas will enchant anyone who braves them and the effect will go forth and impress on them in that any other villa will not compare to these.

Accommodation in a villa on Bali Island

The legacy of a five star villa offers quite the challenge to deliver exactly what the five stars would promises. Bali Island is not just any luxury destination it is a benchmark for luxury stays. When in five star villas in Bali this fact is self-evident in the very essence of the villa. Intricately furnished and Balinese decorated interiors bring out a relaxed ambience that will give the guests feeling right at home. The villas are a remarkable sight while on this island following the architectural designs that scream of Asian influence. The architectural imprint is essentially Balinese, which borrows its roots from Asian bases. The feeling of immersing in Balinese culture will give a once in a lifetime experience.

Bali’s rejuvenation

Few places on the world hold fame for their spa treatments and in one of its rare treats Bali has made the list of famed spa treatments. Phenomenal spa treatments on this island are renowned for their unique techniques and rejuvenating properties. Bali’s five star villas offer access to exclusive Balinese styled spa treatments. Bali also offers the exclusive “Spa on the Rocks” treatments, which fuses the oceanic essence with its spa treatments for an unforgettable experience. The spa also entails facial, body, sculpting and firming treatments, which will ensure you come out refreshed, and your skin glowing.

Dine in Balinese

Tourists visit and leave this island and the one constant piece of advice to those willing to visit is to partake in Balinese cuisine. Unique, delightful tasteful so on the procession of praises that shower upon the Balinese cuisine go. What entails five star banquet in Bali? While lodging in Bali’s villas, one can access the myriad of dining sites in which they can sample the famous Balinese’s dishes. The villas also have the options for romantic dining surprises to ensnare the guests in wonder. The classic breakfast in bed is something of a cliché for the Bali five star villas. Instead, a breakfast floating on the villa private pool of the villa is more to their tastes. The unique Floating Champagne Breakfast includes a myriad of morning delicacies accompanied by a chilled champagne bottle hence the name.


The ultimate villa experience in Bali

Every retreat holds the magical sense of wonder of what the experience might entail. In Bali tis effect is twice as much as soon as you lodged up in Bali top villas. The ultimate luxury island experience is all encompassing for enjoyment of the whole family. On the beach, while the kids build their sand castles, one may decide to catch a surf or just lay on the beach and have a nice tan. The beach is always the opportune setting for a wooing as you walk on the beach feeling the sand beneath the feet with a significant other alongside. If the beach if not one’s intrigue, they may take a nature walk and explore the island while keeping an eye out for a perfect picnic spot. Bali never runs short of recreational activities and everyone has the assurance of a splendid experience while staying in Bali’s villas.

Best Restaurants in Kuta Bali

Kuta Bali is one of the famous areas in Bali Island. It is well-known for the beautiful beach with great waves so that many travelers also visit Kuta with their surfing plan. As the fast development of the area, Kuta also has been perfectly facilitated with public amenities, including hotels, restaurants, night clubs, shopping malls, and many more. If you have found the best hotel to book, you also need to know some best restaurants surround Kuta, so that you can enjoy great dinner menus outside the hotel and experience best dinner moments there. Find the best restaurants in Kuta below.

Jamie’a Italian

As the given name, it is a restaurant where you can enjoy Italian cuisines. It is located in Jalan Pantai Kuta, Banjar Pande Mas, Kuta and open daily at noon 12 pm – 12 am. You can try the best Italian menu in this restaurant plus free wine and wifi internet connection. You will spend approximately IDR 900k for two persons.

Bale Udang Mang Engking

This is a nice restaurant where you can try the best sea foods in Kuta. Besides the special locale sea food menus, you will also enjoy a new experience of eating in a unique atmosphere because this restaurant is designed in a rustic architecture of Indonesia with its traditionally designed gazebos as the dining area. With a beautiful view of a large fish pond and numerous fishes inside, the restaurant will give more romantic atmosphere in dinner time. There are many kinds of sea food menu here and most international guests love it.

Bali Bakery

When you are in Kuta Bali and want to have like-home breakfast menu, you can get into Bali Bakery. This restaurant specially provides breakfast breads, desserts and kinds of other bakes. By spending approximately IDR 120k for two persons, you can enjoy special bread menu in the restaurant with nice atmosphere. The available outdoor seating is a nice area to eat whilst enjoying the view, smoking and also access the internet through the free wifi connection. This restaurant is situated in alan Raya Kuta no. 65 and open from 7.30 am – 11.00 pm.

Made’s Warung

It is a 24 hours restaurant where you can enjoy Balinese, Japanese, Western and also Italian cuisines. You can choose this restaurant if you come with someone who has different taste many times. This restaurant is located on Jalan Raya Kuta. You only need to spend about IDR 200k for two persons in this restaurant with free internet access through wifi connection.