Tips to Find the Best Campsites with Waterparks in Brittany

Are you looking for brittany campsites with waterparks? There are many of them. In Brittany itself, you can find at least 23 camping sites with waterpark facilities close by. Of course, you should only choose the best one to get the best camping experience with your friends or family. For that reason, we have made a list of several things you can consider when you are going to choose the campsite with a waterpark.

Best and Complete Waterpark Facilities

The campsites should provide all facilities on its waterpark. It includes an indoor pool, a pool with a heater, and facilities for kids to play and adults to relax. These three facilities are essential to make your visit to the campsite memorable, especially the pool with the heater feature.

The heater feature allows you to enjoy the indoor waterpark anytime. So, even if you go to the campsite in winter, you can still play in the waterpark with your family. It is comfortable and safe to use despite the cold weather outside.

Sunbathing Area

Summer is the best time to go camping. And, you don’t want to miss the sunlight in this season. Therefore, the campsite you will visit should also have a sunbathing area. You might think that you can do it around your accommodation spot. But that is not comfortable, especially when many people also stay near your accommodation spot.

The sunbathing area allows you and others who come to get some tan and enjoy the sunlight. You will feel more comfortable there. Furthermore, the sunbathing area has various features, such as comfortable beach chairs, beverages, and meals. Enjoy this area while your kids play at the waterpark.

Entertainment and Fun Activities

You don’t want only a waterpark. You also need many fun activities on your camping trip to create an unforgettable trip with your loved one. Therefore, choose the camping site that also provides them. It doesn’t matter what kind of entertainment and fun activities they have. As long as you like them, you can choose that place.

For example, some camping sites provide seasonal activities that match the season where you go. So, you can enjoy dance performances and parties during summer, fun outdoor activities in winter, and many more.

Five-Star Accommodations

Last but not least, the accommodation also must be very satisfying. If necessary, you can choose the camping site with five-star accommodations. Depending on your preference, you also can choose two types of accommodation. Choose either the semi-permanent tent, where you can feel nature and the real camping experience, or a small house where you can feel a much homey atmosphere.


In short, you must choose the camping site where you can have fun, feel comfortable, and safe place to visit and stay with your entire family. Brittany is a beautiful and big region. Therefore, you can find many camping sites ready to be your place to escape from your stressful daily routine. We hope this article helps you in looking for brittany campsites with waterparks.