The Best Hotel and Village Club for Your Vacation in France

France is always a good place to pick, whenever you have a problem deciding where you want to go for the next holiday. Even though we are still in the middle of the pandemic, it is not wrong to plan it now. Then, in the future, we can go and visit many beautiful places in France. Now, before you book a Hossegor hotel or see the Eiffel tower, you should know the places you can stay in France.

The Village Club

First of all, let’s see where you can stay in France. There are several choices for you and your family. Our recommendation is to stay at the club village. It has beautiful scenery and you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Some of the best club villages you can visit are:

  • Cap d’Agde – Located in South France and is within walking distance to the beach. The Mediterranean style also gives you a real holiday feeling.
  • Hendaye – One of the best holiday village spa resorts in Basque Country. It is a perfect choice for a family vacation.
  • Ile d’Oleron – a great place to stay and enjoy the natural scenery of France.
  • Kerjouanno – This club village has British-style architecture and accommodation. Its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is a great escape from your stressful daily routine.
  • PRA LOUP – Hôtel Soleil Vacances Les Bergers – This place is your best destination for enjoying the snow activity. Try this ski resort to your heart’s content.

Those club villages offer various experiences that you won’t get from other places. Therefore, they are the best choice for you who are looking for a different atmosphere or way to enjoy your vacation. Try them with your family or friends.

The Hotel

France also has multiple hotels that are ready for your visit. Here are some of them that we consider the best choice for you.

  • The Hôtel du Parc

It is also known as the best Hossegor resort. This place is our first recommendation because of several things. First of all, is its location. It was built near the lake and beach, which is suitable for your vacation. The building uses Basque-Landes style, which is beautiful. It also has various facilities from a restaurant, banquet hall, and relaxation area.

  • Hôtel des Bâteliers at La Malène

You can find this place in Lozère. One of the best things you can find here is the magical natural scenery. Its location is close to the Cévennes national park, which gives it a strong nature vibe. Moreover, you also have more chances to do various outdoor activities. For example, you can enjoy the view of Tarn Gorges. Furthermore, it is a self-catering resort, so you have more freedom to enjoy your day in France.


Those are several places you can choose whenever you visit France. It could be the beautiful scenery of Hôtel des Bâteliers or exceptional accommodation in Cap d’Agde in France. Whichever place you chose, you will get the best experience there. Are you ready to visit France?