Giant’s Causeway and the Giant’s Causeway Clifftop Experience


Hiking is a sport known for its many advantages. One of those is doing the activity at one’s own pace without rushing to finish off in a certain time which makes it an age friendly activity. So, whether one has to go slow or go fast, the idea and actual fun are never disturbed.

It is a sport where stamina is important because of the long time spent in doing the activity. However, some low stamina people tend to go on exercises to improve themselves and thus be able to do such tiring activities. Other than stamina, good physical health is also a must for the hike might take longer and steps would become steeper.

There are many hiking venues and places that are good and recommended by hiking experts. Mostly, hikers tend to do the strenuous activity in mountains. Sometimes, forest trekking is also done by many as a kind of hiking exercise. Some known hiking areas are rock formations that are open for public use, may it be man-made or naturally occurring. An example is the Giant’s Causeway in the United Kingdom.

Giant’s Causeway has a grand and impactful large space of around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. These basaltic columns were formed from the volcanic lava almost that was rapidly cooled which resulted in the breaking into distinctive shapes around 60 million years ago and thus considered as a natural rock formation.

These columns consist mostly of hexagonal shapes, but there are also a few who has four, five, seven, and even eight sides. There are also circularly shaped rocks and is referred to as the ‘giant’s eyes’.

Because of the close distance from one rock to the other, even knives can’t go through between them. Sometimes, this causeway is mistaken to be man-made especially when viewed from above perspective.

The Giants Causeway is located in the County of Antrim which is found on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. This was a well-known tourist destination and this was the factor in the declaration of this site as the First World Heritage in 1986 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization or UNESCO and the first and only in Northern Ireland. Aside from this recognition, the Giant’s Causeway was also voted as the 4th greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom.

Along in these many ruins of Giant Causeway, there is the Giant Causeway Clifftop Experience. This is a hike of five miles which brings hikers and other visitors in the Giant’s Causeway Clifftop. The hike starts at the ruin of Dunseverick Castle to the main of Giant’s Causeway. The hikers’ effort of walking into gravel paths will be nothing compared to the view that can be seen from above.

The walk of Clifftop experience starts at 10:30 am in Giant’s Causeway Visitor Center daily. From there, a Rambler bus service will be given to reach Dunseverick Castle. The walking time before arriving in the Clifftop is estimated to be three hours and a half to complete. From there, hikers are given the opportunity to have a sight of the amazing view. Along with the hike is the learning about the conservation of the National Trust across the Causeway Coast.

Hiking essentials such as hiking shoes and waterproof jacket or coat is highly recommended. Also, the hike is not best for beginners. Bu if one is physically fit and healthy with high stamina, then the hike is good for them. Water supply and sunscreen protection lotion are also advised for hikers to bring. If there are any other things one wants to bring, it is not restricted. For example, foods, other types of drinks, extra shirts, towels, extra water, and a lot more. However, refrain from bringing too much to avoid bags in weighing too much.

To be able to join the walk, they have a pre-booking step which is a requirement. The most advisable booking time is 4pm on the day prior to the scheduled walk one wants to have. To get to the walk an option would be to travel on the official Giants Causeway tour bus. An amount of around £30 is needed per person as an entrance fee to the Giant’s Causeway. This payment has an inclusion of the services of the Rambler bus and the shuttle bus.

With the great view, and the great hiking experience, enthusiasts would love to visit a place like he Giant’s Causeway Clifftop Experience. This cost much enough to cover up for basic customer needs and thus, is a great investment for experience.

If you are planning as to where the next adventure might be, do not hesitate to go to Giant’s Causeway and book your friends and you for the net hiking time.