Sports you have to try on your Chamonix summer break

People book a chalet Chamonix based for all sorts of reasons, and one of the main ones is because there is so much to offer in and around the resort. Although many people will know about Chamonix because of skiing, there are lots of other things that you can do. Chamonix hiking is a great way to pass an afternoon, and there are also lots of different sports that you can try, too. If you are trying to decide which sports to take part in while you’re on your break, this blog will give you some great ideas.

Mountain Biking

You may have tried mountain biking before, but it is almost certain that you will never have experienced the kind of backdrop that you can expect to get in the mountains. Although there are plenty of safe paths, you will still feel a thrill when you see the steep drops that are below you, and it is certain to get your heart beating a little bit faster.


This is something that you really need to try while you’re there, and there are lots of different rock climbing routes that you can make the most of. The views from the top of the climbs are immense, so it’s more than worth it. If you don’t have a huge amount of experience of climbing, then you could practice at an indoor climbing wall – and this is something that could be fun for children, too.


This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, and is classed as an extreme sport by many experts. The majority of the flights offered here are tandem, but if you would like to learn how to fly on your own then there are a few schools in the area that would allow you to get lessons in this – but you will need to book these in advance as they get full quickly.


If you feel like having an afternoon to yourself, when you can just relax and try to recover from all of the exciting activities you’ve done so far, you may wish to make the most of Chamonix’s golf course. It is unlike any that you’ll have seen at home, and it is what surrounds you that really makes the difference here. Whether you’re looking to beat the course record, or you just want somewhere to have a gentle wander, a round of golf could be just what you need to help recharge your batteries while still being outside.

No matter what kind of sports you enjoy taking part in while you’re at home, you can be sure that Chamonix will offer a version that you will enjoy even more. It’s always good to have a look in advance to see what is available, as you will then be able to see just how much there is to do, and you can plan your schedule to ensure that you fit as much into it as you possibly can before you come home.