Visiting Cebu Philippines this Summer

Summer is the perfect season to visit the beach and unwind from all the accumulated stress. If you are up for a travel getaway, why not watch and swim with the whale sharks and visit Kawasan Falls? Both are located in the province of Oslob and Badian, respectively. It is hitting two birds with one stone as you get to enjoy the best of both places.

In a small province of Cebu, people flock towards Oslob as a new tourist destination emerges. The popular whale shark watching and diving had been the new trend of all the tourists, not only locally, but foreigners find it interesting too. Visit Tan-awan, Oslob to swim and watch the gentle giants. The Rhincodon typus is considered a “friendly” fish, not to mention it is the largest fish in the world. The fishermen feed them krills or small shrimps and lead them to the tourists. They were the ones who discovered and managed the operations of the tourist spot. With the help of the local government, facilities and equipments are provided which lead to the flourishment of the tourism industry.

You need to pay a fee at the Whale Shark Watching Briefing Station to be accommodated. Visitors differ in the amount to be paid, it depends on whether you are a local or a foreign tourist. You have two options: Swim with the whale sharks or watch them while you are riding in a boat. If you opt to swim, snorkeling gear is included in the fee. Wearing of life jackets is compulsory to all for safety purposes. If you wish to capture your moment, you may rent an underwater camera and take a picture with the whale sharks.

From the Whale Shark Watching Briefing Station, there will be a brief discussion about the guidelines during the activity. Remember those rules because rhincodon typus are believed to be endangered species. The operation is only from 6 in the morning until noon and takes up 30 minutes to an hour.

Kawasan Falls is one of the pride and joy of Badian, Cebu. The falls is a three-stage cascade of exhilarating and cool water from the mountain spring. It is where you can enjoy the natural spring water that the falls have to offer. The falls is situated at the foot of the Mantalungon Mountain Range. It is approximately 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City and about three to four hours drive away. The falls is situated inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao. From the road or the entrance near the church of Matutinao, you will have to hike uphill for around 1.5 kilometers to reach the first waterfall. You need to cross some bridges to reach the place. Upon walking, you can see a lot of souvenir shops and the aquamarine spring.

The first waterfall is the most crowded and the largest among three. It has approximately 40 meters with refreshing water. After another climb for about ten to fifteen minutes, you will reach the second waterfall. It is wider with 20 meters drop than the first one. The third waterfall is the smallest among three. The first two main waterfalls have deep natural pools. The road going to the falls are steep and slippery so be sure to pack your water shoes. There are tables and cottages that are available for rent and rooms if you wish to stay for the night. You may choose to rent a raft which can accommodate up to 20 persons. It will take you under the falling water from the falls for a much needed natural massage.

There are different shops located around the area but the prices are quite expensive so it is better to bring your own food and travel gear. The cerulean water and the lush tropical freshness that the place has to offer is a paradise. The cool and refreshing water will wash away your stress and worries. There are also hidden lagoons around the falls, and it is much less crowded and free for you to go swimming so be sure to check it out. The vibrant blue water will want you to take a dip. If you want to go for an extreme adventure, you can try the famous canyoneering.