Small Group Tours to Vietnam and Cambodia

Traveling to diverse cultures and areas is extremely important for people as this way they get to know about different cultures, people, and a lot more. But when you are traveling in a group then the traveling becomes a whole lot better. Traveling to Vietnam which is located on the South China Sea. It is a Southeast Asian country which is going to mesmerize you with its natural.


While traveling for a holiday tour it is extremely important that you plan it properly. Viet Bamboo Travel provides you the opportunity to plan small group tours to Vietnam and Cambodia. The company is going to ensure that it provides you the best stay in town and you are able to visit all the famous places.

Vietnam Cambodia Trip will provide you the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of the two countries with well-designed Vietnam Cambodia tour packages. There are several different plans created by Viet Bamboo Travel to ensure that you get the best plan among all. Cambodia is among one of the most spectacular areas of the modern world. This is the reason due to which Viet Bamboo Travel strive to ensure that your Vietnam Cambodia tour is the most memorable tour of your life. Viet Bamboo Travel provide you the opportunity to visit the scenic beauty of the Mekong Delta. This will be an eight-day tour and it will allow you the opportunity to witness the beauty of the area. A group tour to Mekong Delta will mesmerize you with its beauty.


Angkorian empire is also an important place that you are bound to visit when you visit Vietnam-Cambodia. When you come to visit Vietnam in a group then it is important that you get to know about the history and the cultural heritage of the area and Angkorian empire will help you get to know some of the very interesting stories of the 14th Century. Viet Bamboo Travel specially organize a ‘Culture and Cuisine’ tour. This is arranged to ensure that you are taken to an insightful journey to explore the legacies of a bygone era. This is only a 6-day tour but it is full of cultural history and information. If you do not intend to spend so much time knowing the culture and the history of the region then Viet Bamboo Travel also present you with a 4-day tour to Cambodia’s Capital. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia and has some of the fascinating attractions. This particular city is also going to let you know about the history and the cultural heritage of the country. National Museum is also located here where some of the top class historical products are kept to mesmerize the visitors with its beauty.

The last and the most attractive tour among all is the Cambodia emotion tour. This tour allows you to experience some top class wonders of the country. You will have the opportunity to cycle along rural country roads, swimming around some of Asia’s finest waters, or trekking in the area’s lush forests and jungles