Have you ever stayed in a tourist hostel?


We often want to travel to a different country for experience but we hesitate considering the total cost that you might incur. The major cost when we travel in a different country is the lodging cost because when we visits any place, we do not want to stay in any cheap lodges or guest houses where the rooms are not clean spacious and the safety is also a big question so we end up spending lot of money in our stay only and then we are left with only little money to spend on travel and shopping etc.

Especially, when you are a bachelor you want to wander to many places and if you spend extravagantly at every place you visit you will not be able yo go to many places. Hence we look for such options where we can have a good comfortable stay where you do not have to compromise with the quality of rooms, cleanliness, etc. and that too at an affordable cost.

So now at many places there are hostels just like serviced apartments where you can have a comfortable stay at a very reasonable cost. They are available in single occupancy or also on sharing basis so you can easily decide depending on your budget that what kind of room you want.

These hostels have a beautiful interior which is the built keeping in mind the customers who are generally bachelors and want colourful interiors .These hostels are quite safe also as they have a stringent requirement of identification proof etc . The main customers as stated earlier are the bachelors who want a comfortable stay at the reasonable cost.

If you are alone or with a group of friends then these hostels are a great option, where you can enjoy your stay save lot of money on your accommodation and then spend the money on other things like shopping of souvenir etc. theposthostel.com is a website which gives you information about one such hostel that we talked about.