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Documents required for Partnership Firm?

A Partnership Firm is a type of business for the purpose of undertaking a business for profit. Partnership firms can be registered or unregistered. Unregistered partnership firms can be established even through an oral contract or by entering into a written agreement. On the other hand, a registered partnership must be established through a Partnership Deed that is registered with the Registrar of Firms.

It is a form of organization where two or more individuals agree to set up a business and agree to share ownership, as well as profit or loss of the business by entering into a Partnership deed. Partnership firms are governed by Indian Partnership Act 1932. Partnership firm registration helps to avail various benefits to the applicant, so here in this article let us understand the documents required for Partnership firm registration.

Documents required for Partnership Firm Registration

Documents of Partners

  • PAN card of partners
  • All partners are required to submit their PAN number as identity proof.
  • Address proof of partners
  • Partners can submit Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport or Voter ID card as address proof.
  • Name and other details on address proof should match PAN card details.


Documents of Firm

  • Digital signature
  • Address Proof of the firm

If the registered office place is rented, rent agreement and one utility bill (electricity bill, water bill, property tax bill, gas receipt, etc.) have to be submitted.

  • NOC from the landlord will be submitted.
  • Share capital amount and proposed ratio for holding share.
  • A short description of the company and the business.
  • Name of the city where the registered office of the company is located.
  • Ownership and sale deed (In case your own premise).
  • Identity proof of the Directors and Shareholders (PAN Card).
  • Address proof of the registered office (Electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.)
  • Address proof of the Director or the Shareholder (Voter ID, Passport, Driving license, etc.)
  • A duplicate copy of the latest electricity bill, telephone bill, or mobile bill for directors.
  • Occupation details of directors as well as shareholders.
  • The email address of the directors and shareholders.
  • Contact details of directors and shareholders.
  • Passport size photo of directors and shareholders.
  • In case the property is on rent then you need to submit a copy of rent agreement with No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord.
  • Affidavits for non- acceptance.
  • NOC for a change in the original subscribers of MOA.
  • MoA and the AoA subscriber sheets.
  • PAN Card of the company.
  • In case you are a foreign national subscriber then you need to provide Nationality proof.


The above-mentioned details of documents required for Partnership registration are useful to grow your business. If you’re wondering for Partnership firm incorporation then you should visit Online Partnership firm registration portal.

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Everything You Need To Know About SGX Nifty

Besides the obvious changes in economic development worldwide, stocks markets have also moved towards globalization. This acts as a blessing for traders who want to invest internationally irrespective of the risks attached. One such example of stock market who adopted globalization environment is SGX (Singapore Stock Exchange) which trades Nifty futures. This way it encourages the trading link between two nations – India and Singapore.

What is SGX nifty?

SGX signifies Singapore Stock Exchange, and offers variety of services related to derivatives trading. Nifty is the standard index of National Stock Exchange of India that shows the average financial performance of top 50 Indian companies listed on the exchange. Officially, it is named as Nifty 50, inherited and monitored by India Index Services and Products Ltd. (IISL).

So simply, SGX nifty is nothing but a convenience among international investors who are looking to invest in Indian stock exchange. SGX nifty gives the flexibility to bet on Indian market without enlisting the entity with Indian authorities. SGX allows investors to hedge their investment anytime they want to. This is because SGX nifty has long trading hours. Investors are allowed to perform their transaction from 6.30 AM IST to 11.30 PM IST. Hence, SGX nifty trading remains open for 16 hours a day.

Owing to extended trading hours, any global development or external factors bring an extreme impact on SGX Nifty. Due to this, SGX nifty live quotes are deemed as an indicator to find out the situation of Nifty 50 in Indian stock market the following day. There are many traders who pursue SGX nifty price, SGX nifty live chart and SGX nifty live quotes to forecast the standpoint of Indian stock market.

Technical Analysis

Being an investor, you can improve your trading skills by finding out the SGX nifty price movements and SGX nifty live trends. In addition, you can pursue SGX nifty charts. A technical analysis help investors anticipate what is likely to happen to SGX nifty prices over time. This is why it’s better to employ weekly and monthly SGX nifty charts to get a clear idea regarding major trends of SGX nifty. Even, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and fund managers follow these SGX nifty charts to predict price movements and future market behavior. Trading decisions get better and wiser when you look up to SGX nifty live chart. For day traders, SGX nifty price and PCR (put-call ratio) are pretty much reliable indicators. There are many internet resources where active investors can access to SGX nifty price, and SGX nifty live quotes. For instance, you can access SGX nifty live quotes on,, various other web platforms and news channels at any time you want to.

If you are seeking for long-term investment, you can rely on these technical indicators to study the future trends of SGX nifty.

  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) Charts
  • Candle Stick Charts
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)


When you go global, investment opportunities become limitless. However, it comes with ups and downs as well. Either it can enhance national economies of both sides, or may increase pricing volatility.

Getting Your New Jersey Birth Certificate and Real ID

In October 2020, the federal Real ID laws go into effect. This means you will no longer be able to board an airplane with your state driver’s license unless you update your license to comply with the new federal Real ID standards.

After October 1, 2020 airline passengers will need to present a Real ID compliant driver’s license or another state-issued ID card. Without this, you may not make it past airport security checkpoints.

This may seem like a long way off, but because this massive change could lead to long lines and delays in getting new, compliant identification cards. Therefore, if you’re smart you’ll get a head start on it now.

This likely means getting a copy of your New Jersey birth certificate. Here’s how you can take the first step to get your Real ID in New Jersey.

Where Do I Get a Copy of My Birth Certificate?

In New Jersey, the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry is responsible for keeping track of registrations of births. In some cases, you can also obtain a birth certificate from the local vital records office in the New Jersey municipality in which you were born.

You can go to the office in person or send a written request to:

New Jersey Office of Vital Statistics and Registration
Customer Service Unit – Genealogical Requests
PO Box 370
Trenton, NJ 08625-0370

You can also go online to order a copy of your birth certificate. This can be faster than a written request.

What Do I Need to Get a Copy of My Birth Certificate?

To get a copy of your New Jersey birth certificate you will need to provide some information.

A completed application – You must apply for a birth certificate by filling out the required form from the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. Be sure all information is complete and true.

A copy of proof of identity – You will need to present your driver’s license or other forms of documentation that proves you are who you say you are. If you are a parent requesting a birth certificate for a child, you must be listed on the birth certificate and provide proof of your relationship to the child. If ordering by mail or online, provide a scanned copy of all supporting documentation.

Fee payment – Current fees for obtaining a copy of your birth certificate in New Jersey are $25. You can pay using a check or money order payable to “Treasurer, State of New Jersey” if you are ordering by mail. If you are ordering online, you will need to use a valid credit card.

By following the simple instructions for obtaining a copy of your New Jersey birth certificate, you can make sure you are ready for the real changes coming with the implementation of the federal Real ID program.

A Simple Guide for Buying Great Furniture for a Family-Owned Motel

A tremendous family-owned motel needs to make a guest feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is with great motel room furniture. Make sure to choose carefully from the items below to get the best results for your family-owned motel.

Comfortable Seating Options

As a family-owned motel, you need to emphasize the level of comfort in your rooms above regional or national branches. You want customers to feel like you do care about their satisfaction and that you took steps to ensure maximum relaxation. Make sure to choose chairs and couches for each room that you would want to relax in at the end of the day.

When buying these items, make sure to sit down in each chair and lay down on the couch to see how it feels. While your taste in comfort may be different from other people’s, you want your guests to feel like you paid careful attention to every little detail. Just as importantly, you need to choose furniture that is both comfortable an inexpensive, which can be a very tricky task!

However, the most important element of this process is choosing a comfortable bed that your customers will enjoy sleeping in every night. The bedding should be of the highest quality and the most comfortable that you can afford. Don’t cut corners, here, or you’ll find people will start avoiding your family-owned motel.

Comfort Amenities 

When staying at your family-owned motel, a guest should feel like the room is, literally, their home. So don’t neglect to add attractive – and well-made – comfort amenities. Each room will need a desk where your customers can sit and do work – if necessary – and dresser drawers where they can store their clothes if they plan on staying a lengthy time.

On the same note, a great luggage rack is a necessity for your motel room furniture. These racks provide a comfortable place to put a piece of luggage while someone stays in your room. Just as importantly, they keep them off the floor and away from any potential bed bugs that may have invaded your motel. Though bed bugs are never a welcome guest, they’re one that can very easily invade even the best motel options.

Make Your Customers Feel Like Family 

The most important thing to remember about buying motel room furniture is that each of your rooms should be comfortable enough for your family to enjoy. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your family staying in one of your rooms, then you need to seriously rethink your approach to high-quality furniture.


Things to Keep in Mind When Booking Hotel rooms Online

The hotel industry has experienced major growth over the past few years. Some of the notable improvements include the online hotel booking systems used by hotels. You can now book a hotel room at the comfort of your home as long as you are connected to the internet. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind when booking a hotel room online.

Same day booking services

This allows you to book and spend your night in the room on the same day that you have booked it. You are most likely to find such offers at Praia do Frances hotels after guests that were attending an event leave the hotel. During these times hotels struggle to fill the vacant rooms by offering discounts.


You can go through online reviews to get information on which hotels offer high-quality services. It is important to confirm that the information provided on the reviews is legitimate. A good way to get legit reviews is by visiting sites that only allow people that have used the hotel to give reviews. You can also visit the Barra de Sao Miguel website if you want to book a hotel for your holiday.

Confirm important details before making the final decision

Before you click on the “book now” button, check whether you will be charged in advance or after you have arrived at the hotel. It is more advisable to book a hotel that charges upon arrival so that you can have the liberty to cancel the arrangement in case of anything. In addition, finding a hotel that does not charge cancellation fees will be more advantageous to you.

Confirm the details of any package offered by the hotel. Does the fee paid include meals? Or will you have to buy your own meals? Ensure that you have a map of the location of your hotel with you. Carrying your credit card is also vital because some front desks receptionists may ask to see it before serving you.