The Steps You Should Take For An Upgrade In Your Logistics Career


You’re possibly trying to find out what next step to take in your HGV driver career if you’re you’re reading this. Kudos! You may already have your Driver CPC – a professional driver’s most basic licence. There are various paths that you can take from this point. All these paths are dependent on the type of vehicle you want to drive. We now want to tell you more on the most popular steps that you can follow as well as what these steps translate to your career as an HGV driver.

Cat C1

The smallest type of haulage vehicles is governed by this category of licence. You’ll find most professional van drivers with this licence. So picture you guy with a minibus, van or any other large road vehicle. Weight from 3,500kg to 7,500kg is approved to be driven within this licence category. This licence allows for this with or without a trailer of a weight up to 750kg. You’ll need to do some C1 licence training with a vehicle of the size within this category before you are licenced. You also have to take a two-part theory exam and a practical driving test that you’ll have to pass.

Cat C1+E

This licence allows you to drive any heavy goods vehicle. It is the highest licence that you can go for. This licence gives you access to the widest range of vehicles. You can choose any HGV driving jobs that are available considering that you have attained the maximum qualification. With this licence, you can claim a higher salary as well as be awarded better benefits and hours for your work. Together with a trailer of over 750kg, you are allowed to drive any category vehicle with the Cat C + E. You have to acquire the low licences for you to start preparations to acquire this licence. Still, you’ll also need to take a practical test as well as another 2 theory tests.

Cat C

An upgrade from either Cat C1+E or Cat C1 will get you a Cat C licence. You can also opt to go for this licence directly if you possess your standard Cat B driver’s licence. This licence lets drivers operate vehicles weighing over 3,500kg together with a trailer weighing up to 750kg. This licence additionally requires you to take a theory exam and a practical test. You may require assistance in this test and exam for you to acquire this licence.

Cat C + E

You can also choose to pursue the Cat 1 + E licence as an advance to the Cat 1 licence. This licence consolidates all types of vehicles incorporated in the Cat 1 with some addition to the size and weight onto the vehicle type you can drive. You can drive a vehicle with a much larger trailer with a Cat C1 + E. Your vehicle also weighs over 3,500kg. This licence also comes with a practical exam and a two-part theory test.

Simply put, you can go for any licence from the wide variety that exists. This is majorly dependent on the type of HGV driver you see yourself becoming. Trainers in most HGV training facilities work hand in hand with you to assist in the proper comprehension of what these qualifications entail. They help you follow the right path. Comprehensive training, support and practice tests are also offered by these trainers. This gives you an edge in the fulfilment of your new career.