Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Outdoors


With autumn creeping in slowly, now is one of the better times of the entire year to get outdoors and embrace all that nature has to offer, whether that is a swim, a run, a hike, or simply going on a walk with your family. National Get Outside Day is 30th September, so will be providing you with 5 reasons why you should spend time outside and some tips and ideas on making it the best National Get Outside day possible.

1. Being Outdoors Improves Your Mental Health

Stanford University has conducted studies that have shown that individuals who walk in nature for 90 minutes display decreased activity in an area of the brain that is associated with one of the major factors in depression. As stress and mental health continue to increase globally it isn’t surprising that additional studies are demonstrating that the outdoors is beneficial to your well-being. A university in Japan found that Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) has a significant effect impact on mental health; they believe that since humans evolved in nature, that is the place where we flourish the most. It isn’t about competing or endurance. Shinrin-Yoku is simply about being out in the forest. You can either lie, sit or walk in it. The only thing that matters is to be at peace and take in all of your surroundings.

2. Sharpen Your Focus

Boosts in focus and creative problem solving can both be traced back to being exposed to natural environments. There is evidence that taking work breaks outside increases concentration and productivity. These same effects may be found among children who have attention deficits. It was found in a study that spending around 20 minutes out in nature is sufficient to increase children’s attention performance.

3. Production of Vitamin D

To get a sufficient amount of vitamin D, sensible exposure to the sun is the best source. You can obtain it by being outdoors. So why is Vitamin D such a big deal? It is critical for producing and maintaining healthy bones, skin, and tissue. However, there’s more. In addition, vitamin D helps to manage the production of insulin and supports lung and cardiovascular health. So before the gloomy British winter appears, make the most of your time out in the sun!

4. Physical Health

Increased levels of physical activity and being outdoors can have a significant positive correlation, since the longer you are outdoors the chances are the more physical activity you are participating in. That doesn’t mean that indoor activities like exercise classes and working out in the gym are not healthy. However, exercising and being outside can offer more benefits. Sports scientists have shown that more energy is used by running outside than running indoors on a treadmill also since certain muscle movement cannot be replicated by a treadmill.

5. Breathing

All of us remember when we were children that we were told to go outside and play in the fresh air since it would do us good. We didn’t know at the time how accurate that was. Pollution is removed by trees from the air which makes it easier to breathe and we are energised by fresh oxygen. So rather than reaching on a Sunday morning for a coffee, why not instead go for a walk outside in the fresh air to energise your day?

Hopefully, these are good enough reasons to motivate you to want to spend time outside with friends or family, or even just by yourself if you would like to escape in nature. For longer trips, consider private minibus hire with driver. But if you still need to be inspired on how you should spend your weekend, don’t worry. No matter where you happen to be, the outdoors will always be accessible to you, whether it is taking your dog for a walk in a local park or hiking in one of the mountains of Great Britain. You just need to pack a waterproof jacket, since the British weather can be very unpredictable.